Bowtown Energy Anaerobic Digestion Plant

Bowtown Energy Anaerobic Digestion Plant Co Down

The Bowtown Project is a 500KW project which was uncompleted works left behind by the demise of WIS. LSR were tasked by the project funders to complete the Project so that it would gain accreditation within the deadline set by Ofgem. LSR not only completed the project we managed to get it accredited before the March deadline and the plant is now fully operational at its full 500KW output.

LSR personnel were involved in:

  • Process design,
  • Software Design and Execution MCC Panel Design and Manufacture
  • Mechanical and Electrical detailed design & Installations
  • Instrumentation, Control and Commissioning
  • Maintenance and on-going operational support to the operations team post-project
  • Operational support to include calibrations, biological testing and routine mechanical and electrical inspections and maintenance.
  • CHP servicing is provided by our CHP service partners.
Bowtown SCADA