Our Services

M&E Services

We provide M&E services to a variety of process applications, from water/waste water applications to bio gas installations, in a variety of output sizes in Gas to Grid, or Gas to Gas Grid.


Installation and incorporation into existing plant control i.e. biogas drying and separation systems and water/waste water upgrade packages.

Technical, Electrical and Mechanical Supports

Bespoke service support packages to all aspects of the process engineering sector. We also offer tiered Gold/Silver/Bronze service contract options to various biogas plants.

BioGas Support Packages

LSR provide a number of support packages to various plants. These packages are tailor made to suit the end user and offer the required expertise to maintain a healthy and profitable plant. LSR stock and hold all the required spares required to fulfill these roles.


A quarterly, retained Full Arms Around package with all Mechanical/Electrical and Technical support included.


A yearly, retained technical support package with the option for Mechanical/Electrical back up, if and when required.


This option is our Pay AS You Go Package, relating to all relevant aspects of the Gold and Silver packages.

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